Monday, May 18, 2009

nitemares win

so for the past couple of weeks i've been having the same recurring dream over and over, i've had it before but it didn't really bother me as much as it has been of late. the back ground to this is that i read a story about kid who was killed by a drunk driver after he took all of his friends home because he was the care taker for the night and that story just struck a chord and stayed with me. so i've been having a nitemare where i'm that person who dies, they all happen in different ways but the end is the same.

so i'm not sure what to think of it, i can't live in a bubble because of it since that would mean that i'm letting it win, i don't mind losing sleep since i don't really sleep much anyways but at some point its got to end because its starting to mess with my head.

a song that just makes sense..

Pedro The Lion - "Bad Things To Such Good People"

my jail shoes on
the well kept cemetary lawn
both of them weeping
their one good son now was gone
the irony to see my dad down on his knees
crying out to jesus
but lord i've always done what's right
and all the while
the good lord smiled
and looked the other way

when we were kids
i did my best to make them proud
it just wasn't in me
i could not fly straight to save my life

their big success is now their biggest failure
their golden child has been dethroned
their reputation is now in ruin
their tower to heaven has come tumbling down

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