Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thrice x8

This past wednesday i was lucky enough to get a ticket to see Thrice for the 8th time, it was Thrice, Circa Survive, Pelican and Aushua at the House of Blues in Anaheim. it was a different set from the 7 previous times that i've seen them because they were filming for a dvd and this was probably the longest set i've seen them play, i also caught Riley's drumstick at the end of their set and got a couple of offers for it after the show ended but i said no to those offers because you don't really get a drumstick from your favorite band everyday. it was cool going to this concert with Amanda and Bernard since were concert buddies and all love thrice and probably sang along to every song that they played(i know i did).

1)The Lion and the Wolf
3)The Messenger
4)Of Dust And Nations
5)Digital Sea
6)Flags of Dawn
7)Burn the Fleet
8)Open Water
9)The Earth Isn't Humming
10)The Artist in the Ambulance
12)Cold Cash and Colder Hearts
13)Broken Lungs
14)The Whaler
15)All That's Left
17)Come All You Weary
18)Stare at the Sun
20)Don't Tell and We Won't Ask
21)Hold Fast Hope
22)For Miles
--- Encore
23)Red Sky
25)The Earth Will Shake

T.A.I.: 11
V: 6
T.A.I.T.A.: 6
I.O.S.: 2

their set had a good mix of the last 4 albums it was good seeing the song Trust played, Circa Survive played really well, i don't get why people give singer Anthony Green so much crap for his live performance he hit every note. Pelican was good as it was cool seeing an instrumental band because you don't really see those bands around these days, Aushua were pretty cool despite not seeing their whole set. i can't wait for more concerts to pop up from now to the rest of the year next up is Warped Tour Ventura!

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