Sunday, June 8, 2008

quite the week

monday was my last day of school but i somehow woke up sick and did not attend my last final when in hindsight i was never really ready for, i don't know my grades yet but this past semester is a disappointment with what i had in mind to get done, losing fire for going to school and over sleeping does not help one get the job done so i can only blame myself.

on the other hand though it feels nice to be able to actually sleep without having to worry about assignments, although i lot has been on my mind you just can't go wrong with sleep but now comes catching up with friends that i've been getting to do slowly which is always cool.

other than a slow week it picked up on thursday with short band practice where not much got done to be perfectly frank, then hung out with the rest of the group at their softball game and came home very late which is usually a sign of a good nite.

friday: was interesting because it was going to sorta determine part of my summer i had a doc's appointment to check out my tonsils and as it turns out i'm going to have to get them removed because things should not be the way they are so i will be having surgery in the near future, to my surprise what i thought would be a boring rest of the day as i got the news of surgery(cause i don't really know what to think of it except being on bed rest and pudding for 2 weeks =D) i got hit up to go to a last minute concert to see Dethklokwhich was pretty fucking rad!! thanks Bernard!

since i couldnt sleep i started playing star wars battle front while watching Japan vs Oman and Australia vs Iraq for their World Cup Qualifiers like at 3 in the morning fell asleep and woke up to see the Portugal vs Turkey for one of the first games of Euro 2008, i'm interested in watching the majority of the matches since this will be the first European tournament that i watch since i've started to follow soccer.

that's it for right now, laptop needs a break.

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