Sunday, June 1, 2008


Dules Airport me and my sister landed safely around 7 pm, our cousin and friend picked us up and gave us a quick drive around DC since there probably wasn't going to be a lot of time to see the monuments and tourists spots, one thing that i'm sad that i didn't get a picture of was the chair that is in front of The Duke Ellington School of the Arts which is the High School that Dave Chappelle graduated from.

Georgetown Ball: It was an interesting night probably because for the majority of the night i was weirded out by the fact that parents of the graduating class were drinking and dancing with their children, it was an open bar affair with different types of music playing depending where you were in the building, it was a packed place i have never seen so many suits and white people in my life, but towards the end of the knight i was able to get comfortable and remembered why i don't dance. haha
i always look stiff in pictures which is probably why i don't like taking them 1. before ball 2. at ball with my cousin

here are some of the monuments that i took pictures of: 1. some of the WWII Monuments 2. the
California monument with some west coast love 3. Red Cross head quarters 4. my sis and i in front of the cannon 5. my sis, cousin and me in front of the white house, were the chapines in the middle.

being in DC was like learning a history lesson right in front of you from how the city is structured to the monuments, the same goes with the campus of Georgetown, where they're two cemetery's on campus and i was really surprised that the campus wasn't as big as i thought it would be. i had my first subway experience and taxi cab experience and another thing that i liked and actually love about the city is that you don't have to have a car, it's a public transportation oriented city which is really cool knowing that you can get to where you want by the bus system instead of paying 3 or 4 bucks for gas out here, cars aren't a need out there but one thing i did notice about all the houses is that they don't have huge garages like here in the west coast and that parking is also hard to find, if i had to move anywhere from california i might live in DC but that could change since i haven't seen that many places.
that's a short recap on my trip, due to my camera's batteries dying out i did not get to take a lot of pictures of my cousins graduation or of the campus in broad daylight, i will not post the pictures i took in the dark because they came out shitty. haha and that was my trip to DC


Bernard said...

I can sorta see the head of one of the snipers on the white house roof haha.

starinyourfire said...

i would not be surprised there was an anti-war demonstration going on when i took those pictures