Thursday, May 1, 2008

planting seeds

first impressions sometimes do wonders with ease without saying please, while others see everything they want to see right away and cut to the chase making their decisions with such pace.

as anyone knows dating deals with a lot of trial and error which for some can be a task that they don't want to deal with. but with that there are persons of the opposite sex that catches your eye and you test the waters hoping the seed will grow.

after the group survey in my human sexuality class i looked over the list and listened to the responses of the gals and gents in the class, and thought of friends who i have had this type of conversation with about the opposite gender and going over preferences, tactics in courtship, philosophies on how the opposite gender thinks, and the genetic pit falls that some people don't realize they have but ultimately do.

i've noticed(personally and from these talks) those who go by their word and their preferences to those who don't follow a single word that they say. i've noticed that the people who have the ideal situation that they wanted with another person for one reason or another don't make a point to seal the deal with that person, even though they want to have that relationship with that person as if their life depended on it. others treat it like a life and death situation while others treat it like a normal thing or non issue. i've been on the receiving end of this type of situation for the past couple of years but at the same time been on the other side too(due to my lack of awareness for a great chance) it's frustrating knowing that you've had blown chances here and there as you try to find somebody that you click with and either realize and press forward on it for it not to pan out or to either not unaware of the person you've been looking for that has been right underneath your nose the whole time and your oblivious to that person for some reason(s).

this has been on my mind for the past month or so.. and me being so analytical trying break everything down into logical steps/processes just so i can have some peace of mind of what i can do in the future or what insight i could possibly pass on to another person. i guess there are some things that i'll never figure out why they didn't pan out for me or for other people that i chat with.

why is it that most people can't follow their agenda's or ideals when it comes to this, i've seen assholes posing to be Ideal guy, when all they really want is to have that "piece of ass" and have just have them for that. i hate being that nice guy that becomes the brother whose new job is to be the meter to whether the guy is a good guy or not. sometimes i hate it when i'm right because at the end of the day it just reminds me that i'm just another guy and for every douche bag out there he's making all of us look like shit for something that he never really wanted to have for keeps but just something on the side. I really hate falling flat because of this.

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