Tuesday, April 29, 2008


say hello to sunshine it's hot as fuck and i think i'm going blind, so summer is near and i can't wait for it.

so i'm up at the moment because lately it's been hella HELLA hot lately and it's so hot in my room that i cannot sleep, in this time i've gotten ahold to the new Coldplay song "Violent Hill" and already the song is like liquid crack for me, i love this song it's really good and different from their older stuff not to sound cliche about that sort of thing but it really it and it's a thing of beauty.

also although the masses won't see it until sunday, i saw the new trailer for the dark knight and it's amazing! i can't wait to see it in better quality though but amazing nonetheless. like i said in a previous post and poem Heath is going to make us proud with one of his last works, i have a very good feeling about this.

lets see other happenings: the new thrice album i love dearly like a child. haha right now even though it's early this cd maybe my album of 2008 but it's too early to dictate that at the moment. too many albums that i want to get and too many tours that i want to go to decisions, decisions, deeecisions...

the new episodes of scrubs: i'm really happy to be watching the show again the new episodes are really good, the rumor of being an 8th season sounds perfectly fine with me now if and when mom and pop(ABC & NBC) can settle where the show goes for the 8th season. i'm also trying to keep an eye out for Bill Lawrence 7th season hints that he promised would happen so far i've counted 3 of the 4 things he's said would occur this season, this show is keeping me on my toes and i'm fine with that. =)

lots of things going on in Futbol: the Galaxy are playing well and better than i thought they would i hope they can keep this up before summer hits with world qualifiers seeing how some players will get called up for qualifiers or the Olympics and stay healthy throughout the summer and into the long stretch that is fall.
Today is the Champions League Semi Final with Barcelona vs Manchester United the first leg of this match was thrilling(or at least in my eyes, others will dispute this) ManU is going for the Double while Barca are going for the Champions League Final in Moscow since the La Liga title is a little bit out of reach. i like both teams but i would like to see Barcelona go to the final and win it all, it's going to be an intense game that's for sure. Chelsea and Liverpool play tomorrow and i hope Chelsea win tomorrow but this too should be a good game one thing for sure in this semi-final is that there will be an English team playing in the final while the other semi-final could either bring a Spanish team or an English side.

the project that is a band is going relatively swell but still a tedious process but were still going. i'm having fun regardless of the b.s. that has come with it. it would be nice to play a show but i don't know if i'm ready for it with this group although i am quite antsy to get out there again it's something i miss greatly.

as for my writing it's been really slow of late but at the same time i haven't been trying much but with the band i've been making some noise with a pen in hopes of contributing something worth while since i'm my own worse critic, but now i'm in a different field to where i'm not writing for myself anymore i'm writing trying to make a melody with something that tell something and it's a bit of a departure because so far i can't just go all out anymore it's all refined and structured in a control place to what the songs need, finding the right stuff for songs instead of just making something up and forcing it to fit, i'm also trying to branch out in different subjects for different feels. it's an interesting time in music(or it's something that i really noticed) i don't know if i've said this in the past but lyrics are more important now more than ever since the youth seem to make a personal connection to what is being said(although this has been going on for ages) with that in mind i feel some type of pressure to deliver something either: smart, coherent, a story, cryptic stories or preludes, and whatever other function to write in.

that is all for now, two other blogs on the way as soon as i can write them up and thee slowest blogger ever, i started this at 3am it's now 8:37am.

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Coldplay - Violent Hill
Radiohead - In Rainbows
Thrice - The Alchemy Index Vol. 3&4 Air and Earth

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