Thursday, May 1, 2008

cons about cons

there are some things in this world that i don't like having the distinct pleasure of doing, because of it's double edge sword at times where you feel like the biggest jerk in the world but at the same time it's something that you needed to get done. i still feel like shit and i know it's in my head but crushing someone's spirit when you know that person had good intentions sucks because it was you who deflated whatever they had going for them at the moment and probably killed their day.

also i've always hated taking up the role of being a leader of a group in school because...

  1. i was assigned by the teacher.
  2. the people in the group voted me leader

  3. the smart kids were lazy and named me leader(vice versa with the not so smart)

  4. the amount of pressure that i felt to deliver while being said "leader"

  5. knowing that it was my call being the final word over a decision. i'm hesistant about a lot of things and don't make decisions until i have some type of reassurance

cons apart of life...

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