Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My insides grind their gears

at this very moment my head is in another place, lately things have been all over the place with me. i know for a fact that i don't really need a lot of what is going on but it is what it is and there isn't a lot that i can do about it.

next week i'll be flying for the first time that i can remember to the nations capital, i'm excited but really nervous at the same time mainly because of the flight and the semi fear of heights that i have so that should be interesting how i react while flying to the other side of the coast.

being the music nerd that i am, i'm quite sad that The Receiving End of Sirens played their last show yesterday if the rumors that i'm hearing are true about them releasing a Dvd from one of their last shows i shall be pre-ordering that shit like a fat kid loves chocolate cake!! watching videos on youtube make me regret not seeing them when i had the chance even though i saw them once but some bands once is never enough.

at the moment i miss some of my hobbies, mainly because they're expensive hobbies but ones i love to do and that is Vinyl collecting and lately a lot of vinyls that i want are out or i learn of new releases or find out older releases that are on vinyl as well, the same goes with cd's too i've only bought like 2 cd's this year which i find pretty sad, but i miss buying singles for the b-sides or the acoustic tracks or demo's to see how the tracks were originally what can i say i'm obsessed with music but i don't really download(freebies are freebies, b-sides are an exception unless released and singles are free game until an actual single comes out or the album drops)

the other day i was introduced to yogurtland and although i like coldstone, baskin robins, foster freeze, etc etc if my ass weren't broke and had a car(with a license as well, but quick note i'm just waiting to take the fucking test but due to no car to call my own i haven't, that merit's it's own story for another time) i'd go there all the time because(or least i haven't had enough to notice) it doesn't have an affect on my stomach like all the other places since i'm lactose intolerant which is great

now i must focus(or try to) my attention to psych questions for a test around 9:35

Currently Listening To: The Receiving End of Sirens - This Armistice - Between The Heart And The Synapse


Jaena Rae said...

That's the second reference to YogurtLand I've seen today. Mare wrote about it. I'm curious. Haha.

And I know what you mean about expensive hobbies. I kind of collect comics and graphic novels but those can add up really fast.

starinyourfire said...

i read her blog last night and it reminded me of when i went so i decided to mention my new found love for it. haha

i'm also a huge snoopy fan i've always wanted to collect comics but never knew where to start.

Jaena Rae said...

Just pick up one title or talk to people who read. They usually have no problem directing you. Haha. Because everyone knows best. ;]

MARE said...

Yogurtland FTW!!!

Haha! I'm like a week late but whateves!! :)