Wednesday, May 14, 2008


procrastination = the new form of a.d.d. medicated or not you have it, don't deny it don't lie about it just admit because you have it. just think in the next census this could be the new norm for the US (and a scary one at that) if it turns out to be that in the future, more people on pills trying to curb it

mental demons are fun when they poke at you for what you want most...not. well wants and needs don't they always vary by certain points in your life? but at the moment it's a semi-fear of heights and flying but it's calmed down at the moment and i think i'll be fine

richard and i just started talking about mega man x(my favorite game ever) and how awesome the soundtrack is and i just happened to find the songs online and they're going into our collections!! also learning that the mini bosses are playing this weekend a shot through the heart at the moment as i listen to the awesome soundtrack that is mega man X

so when i leave to DC on thursday i shall be seeing my cousin graduate from Georgetown, she may have not been the first to graduate from a college in my dad's side of the family, but she went to a college away from the comforts of home(for good reasons) and the fact that it was a harder college to get into than the local cal state's(no offense, since i might attend one of those locals cal states but this isn't about me) and some UC's, but not choosing none of the local schools but to go east. i'm really proud of her for what she has been able accomplish

it's now official that "Scrubs" will be back for season 8 but on ABC, i'm happy that the show will end on Bill Lawrence's terms and that there will be 2 more dvd sets to my Scrubs collection and more shows for fans everywhere to enjoy.

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