Tuesday, April 1, 2008


tomorrow school starts, i can honestly say that i did kinda enjoy my break i say kinda but i got sick on the second half and being sick always ruins everything! i await the second half of this semester with paranoia. haha

soccer and baseball are back and i couldn't be happier, some champions league and action from MLS this week(well for weeks to come). i am quite shocked to read about the Galaxy's 4-0 season opener loss, seeing how this team already has to go over some obstacles defensively and offensively and with Carlos Ruiz out injured and Xavier out with a red card for a game(or two i'm rusty on that at the moment) i'm concerned as a fan because i was hoping the result would have been better and not as bad as it really was, but i still have high hopes for the team hopefully they can turn it around before concacaf world cup qualifiers.

champions league on the other hand has some intriguing matches that makes a fat kid salivate for chocolate cake!!

Arsenal vs Liverpool: i will take Arsenal despite them having injuries, i have faith in the gunners that they'll stop Liverpool.

Manchester United vs Roma: Manchester United have the team to win it all but first they have to win it to prove it, ManU beats Roma.

Barcelona vs Schalke 04 : despite recent form i think they can get a win or a draw and i hope they do so for the sake of their season go Barcelona!

Galaxy vs San Jose Earthquakes: for a home opener i sure hope they win at the Home Depot Center! they need to win this rivalry and it start with a win on thursday!

i thought today's Dodgers Opening Ceremony for the season was really cool to see all the players from the past go to the game and be seen by everyone in attendance at for those watching at home(me) it's good to see the organization still remember the players who have made a mark with the team and for them to be remembered by the fans at this day and age since the majority of the fans don't know who many of those players are. the Coliseum game was cool despite the blue crew being routed, its great to see a historic game in my lifetime i just wish i was actually there. i smell giants whooping for the rest of the season

as for the angels of Anaheim, despite their loss today i think they'll be contenders again in the West if they can beat Boston i think they'll be in great shape for the postseason, hopefully i can make it to some games this year.

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