Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've been meaning to blog but just didn't get around to it so now it's time to play catch up. since the week of my birthday I've been seeing people whom i haven't seen since the band incident in august and it's been cool seeing similar faces again, and you know it's been too long when people are sober or drunk saying that they miss you, it's a nice feeling knowing that people miss you. =)

it's been interesting going back to the practice space and jamming with old friends but at the same time it's been awkward trying to accomplish what they want to with some problematic things popping as progress is trying to be made. it's been nice playing music again with people who want to try to do their own thing, for me it feels like i never stopped being in a band i still want to pursue solo stuff though i just need an outlet to do so.

oh yea people who drop deuces in the urinals in the men's bathroom at fast food joints SUCK!! being possibly banned from your favorite place, when the people who work there know who you are because you're a frequent customer. now if i ever go back with friends I'll be fucking paranoid about whether my food is okay, i don't like that feeling and that person fucking sucks...and you know who you are if you find this blog.

on another note: spring break so far has been chill, I'm enjoying it i can't complain much but i don't really want to go back next week. haha. March madness has been interesting so far the team i want to win is still in at the moment, baseball and American futbol are about to start I'm exciting for the new season. of late I've been anticipating the new thrice disc(s) and debating on where i should get it from just so i can have it when its released since i don't like digital downloads the 3 songs that I've managed to find have me excited like a fat boy who loves cake.

at the moment i feel crappy, sore throat and stuffed up the makings of a ruined spring break.
being sick sucks and hopefully i can get back to writing(paper and pen) i miss that

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