Friday, April 4, 2008


yesterday in human sexuality was pretty interesting to what the class had to do for an in class extra credit assignment, the girls got in groups and the guys got in groups and were told to do a questionnaire about the other sex on relationships typical thing to do in this class i suppose but today there were about 17 girls and only 8 guys. the girls got in 3 groups while the guys lumped in 1 together and the teacher appointed me group leader which seems to always happen to me whenever groups are made, i've done this once before and i remembered my answers so i waited for the rest of the guys to finish with their answers but they didn't expect what was going to happen next so the teacher told all the groups for them to come up with answers as a group then later to tell the other gender what preferences they liked or disliked of the opposite sex.

i noticed the girls were up for more than the guys were but what may have played a part in that was probably that we were out numbered, so the girls would probably over hear what we said as we were saying them. we plowed through what we wanted to say to them but we heard what the girls had to say first, when our turn came we had serious answers and some funny answers but the majority of the answers were serious and sincere in their context from a guys point of view.

i polished up the responses from the guys and they agreed to what i put down(not that i take full credit it was a group effort) but for a subject that most guys are closed minded about, we were saying things as if we were a really tight group of friends who've known one another for years, that shocked me that there was that type of honesty in a group, because the previous group that was in the first time there was that guy stigma of being a "man" and saying that are "manly" making guys look like selfish pigs, as i was going through the answers in my head i was like these are things that i can be straight forward about or be sarcastic about but someone would still get my point for situation. it was a cool experience but had me thinking afterwards of the topic all together.

to be continued....

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