Tuesday, February 19, 2008

quick rumblings

had an upset stomach that is finally settling down so i can finally start on the paper that i should have been done with earlier, i randomly picked a interesting article for my soc. class after my schools library database is down or not working for me for whatever reason, i saved myself from a bad start to this class.

i guess the quick point i wanted to make since i'm up and constantly staring at my guitars and amp at the moment is that, i really do miss playing and i hate seeing the fact that i put new guitar strings on my electric only for them to be waiting to be played and since i currently don't have cases for either of them, i haven't really kept to my word about playing like i wanted too, i haven't gotten around to many things music wise and i'm a bit disappointed on my laziness on that part but at the same time i feel like ya i could do this but i should be doing this with other people. but with the mishap that happened months ago that seems to be done and over with on their end seeing how they have managed to move on and i haven't for the most part since i've been sorta cut off by those who i got accustomed to seeing on a daily basis and those whom i knew through those people.

i thought i had this in the past but looks like i don't at all, hopefully soon i buy some cables so i can use my amps again, i have an acoustic which is fine but sometimes you just can't beat the raw power of guitar amp.

Currently Listening To: Brand New - Limousine - The Devil And God are Raging Inside of Me

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