Monday, February 25, 2008

semi tired and uninspired

i kinda have a bone to pick with myself it hasn't even been a month of school and i feel burned out of it all. and with that mind set it's like i'm setting myself up to fail or bomb this semester, which would be disasterous to my academic record at the moment.

enough school talk for now....i at the moment i've hit a bit of writers block which sucks when i'm actually on the clock writing for a person, which if she is reading this i'm sorry for the prolonged wait... of late i've been trying to do anything that would inspire myself again like: eating pizza, drinking large quantities of soda, and playing mega man games(i know i am a nerd but i'm tired of playing guitar hero), watching sports,listening to music, favorite tv shows to no avail.

once again i can't seem to sleep i can't really nap since if i nap i sleep like if it was at night for your 7 to 9 hours and i would be late to my math class, i'm starting to not like the way i scheduled my classes, it's all my fault that's pretty sad but hey you got to laugh at yourself whenever you can right? i'm laughing but uncomfortably laughing at the moment.

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