Sunday, February 17, 2008

inching closer to march...

since school has started i've been writing a lot during class while listening to my teachers lectures or videos, which i shouldn't be doing during class time but there is a unexplainable suspense that i get when something comes to me in those moments where i should be focusing my attention towards the class instead of blank sheets of paper in my folder. this semester a lot of seats are crowded next to each other and sometimes i can see my classmates wondering eyes look at my writing, i wonder what they think of the material but i guess i may never know until i ask(if i ever ask, i'm quite shy).

after dropping my the pol sci. class that i first enrolled into because i didn't think i would fare well with that particular teacher there that a couple of friends of mine recommended me too, i was reminded of another option out there with a teacher that i'm familiar with and who in my opinion is a great teacher and a person who i can spar(jokes) with once again for old times sake Mr. Aquino for those who went to Carson High.

not much else going on with me other than me playing more and more video games with whatever freetime i have on weekends usually playing for hours at a time on one game, no valentine this year(wasn't really trying, although would have been nice) still feeling something for somebody.

i'm still trying to figure out my major i haven't been able to narrow it down to one thing yet, it bothers me a lot but i know i shouldn't rush the decision or that's something that i've been told by family and friends.
it hit me that i'll soon be 20 in 2 weeks, i'm not really feeling "20" yet i don't feel ready but i don't anyone has a choice to not turn another year old. haha so i'll go with it. i'm not as excited as one should be particularly because i fucking school at night on my birthday and anyone who knows me knows that i hate working or going to school on my birthday!!! haha

Pan-Pacfic Championship: it starts this week and even though it's a preseason tournament for the two MLS teams(Galaxy, Dynamo) i think it will be a good competition as the league is trying to involve itself with as many tournaments so it can develop the growth of play with 2 other leagues who are trying to do the same, i see it as something promising for the leagues involved. i will be rooting for the hometeam i think LA might take this competition.

Champions League: AS Roma vs Real Madrid: Madrid has looked good in this competition i think they will at least tie since they are hit with injuries.

Liverpool vs Inter Milan: Liverpool is having a poor season period, Inter Milan i think will dominate both games with the way they're playing.

Olympiakos Piraeus vs Chelsea: Chelsea are playing well and are under the radar in the EPL i think they'll continue that against the greek side.

Schalke 04 vs Porto: i'm not really sure which team is playing better at the moment but i'll pick Porto.

Arsenal vs AC Milan: both teams are hit with injuries although AC Milan might have an edge over arsenal since they have a couple of key players game fit and have been playing really well in champion league competition this year, i think AC Milan will take the first leg.

Celtic vs Barcelona: both teams are playing well but i like Barcelona chances unless Celtic deploy a 5 man of defense, Barcelona.

Fenerbahce vs Sevilla: the turkish side has proved they are a team to be recognized with but Sevilla should make this an interesting match, Fenerbache.

Olympique Lyon vs Manchester United: with they way Manchester United beat Arsenal this weekend, Man U should have the fire power to win it over the french side.

NBC: i have a bone to pick to NBC as a network at the moment and here it is... why in the hell are you going to do a diservice to a show that you have had on the air for just about 8 years and not give it a proper ending. the show i'm talking about is Scrubs, a show where it's been moved in many different time slots and it's fans have tuned it and shown great support for this show during the duration of this shows life time. it's sadden most fans including me that the show will end this season, but NBC needs to show the remaining episodes and let this crew and cast film the rest of the season they want to do it for their fans, you owe to the fans of this franchise. you were smart enough to pick up this show in the first place be smart about ending this show right.

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