Tuesday, February 12, 2008

passing time

1st missed class today and 1st test tomorrow morning....not looking forward to it but it is what it is.. i thought that this semester i would get back on a normal sleeping pattern now that i'm "back in school" but that happens to not be the case because i'm just as tired as i was before so looks like the insomniac in me will continue to live on. haha

just dropped a class at this moment so i'm now at 13 units instead of 16 so less stress/pressure/anxiety(self) i'd figure it would be better for me in the long haul for this semester.

other than school and being broke, i've been playing mega man x games or writing(trying with music) or facebookin or reading up on news on the writers strike(it's finally over, YES!!) and soccer(i can't wait for next week Champions League!!)

Currently Listening To: Thrice - Music Box - Vhiessu

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