Friday, February 8, 2008

it's a small world

so a couple of weeks back around 4 or 6 in the morning i was aimlessly browsing on the internet and i went to go look at the news on the LA Times and i decided to check out the homicide blog and saw that there was a shooting where a popular taco truck is at on anaheim st. in wilmington, i was kind of shocked to actually see some type of news of the south bay in the LA Times, as always i told my folks about it cause we usually hear about most shootings that that happen in the city through word of mouth or through the daily breeze(since there usually on top of all things involving the south bay) the shooting that happened two brothers were shot at one fatally wounded and the other got hit but was transported to a hospital and survived the incident.

fast forward to last week and my dad came into my room and reminded me of the shooting again to tell me that the people who were shot at, just live around the block from us and he found from their father about what happened, so since last week i've been shocked or dumb founded by this since i knew of them and would often see them around all the time. it makes me sad to know that one of the brothers went out like that.

i'm pretty much sick of hearing and seeing the loss of innocense gunned down for territorial reasons or any other bullshit reasons that can be associated with gang related crime, 1 fucking shot is all it takes to start the vicious circle of revenge that never fucking ends, retaliation is always brewing as it never ends. i know this is apart of our society and it's pretty fucking sad to take away something precious as life. there are too many stupid people in this world that recklessly take innocent lives away and i bet half or less of those fucking bastards don't even get caught for what they did even though the authorities know who did but can't arrest them because they got no evidence to put it on them. i don't like seeing good people dying, it bothers me a lot knowing that this happens everywhere.

i had to vent about it but this just hits home for me because it happens to be one of my neighbors, although i may not have known him well and his story or the people he hung around with but it's still sad.

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