Saturday, December 22, 2007

winding down

around 2 o'clock i finished school on thursday and walking back home i started to feel relieved that it was over and that this year would soon be over. i got an early christmas present from my mom she got me a ticket to see Sugarcult at the House of Blues in Anahiem that night and it was a great show to go to.

the line up was: Them Terribles(missed due to traffic), Rocket, Lorene Drive, New Year's Day and sugarcult. i was impressed by Rocket and New Year's Day, Lorene Drive i've been a fan of for awhile and they were really good it was cool to hear some new stuff and a couple personal favorites. Sugarcult played one of the best headliner sets i've seen just everything they played are personal favorites of mine and the last song of their set was "Santa Clause is Coming To Town" was pretty cool and appropriate to end a christmas show.

i just want to wish every body a merry christmas and a happy new year, be safe and have fun.

more blogging soon.

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