Saturday, December 15, 2007

last stretch

it's finals week and then this semester is over!! progress so far hasn't been good but i know i have to do so it will be done.

christmas is coming soon and iono i guess i'm impatient cause i can't wait so i've been myself stuff that i know people won't get me which i shouldn't be doing but yet i am but at least i'm getting what i want. so there is a upside to it at least or until i find out that i get another duplicate of something that i already have

there is a new addition to the family that was born last night, so once again i am a cousin! i'm really sick and tired of the cousin title every time there is going to be a new addition in the family i hope that i'll be a uncle but only to learn that i'm just a cousin. =/ boo urns!

i guess i'll start commenting on recent happenings so here it goes:

The Lakers: i am really surprised and impressed with how they are playing this season! they're playing like a team people are stepping up nothing but phrases really i'm happy that they're playing like this.

the current state of baseball: the game is forever changed, i don't really like going back retroactively and suspending current players for something that they did when it was legal. nonetheless i believe the sport will be in clout for awhile with this hit. people will still go to games but they won't think as highly of the players or the game for quite sometime.

European Futbol: so much to cover so little time... AC Milan i believe will win the fifa club world cup, Kaka will be the next fifa player of the year he deserves it with the year that he has had with his team and what he has done for them so give it to the man although there are other players who are worthy of the award but i think Kaka should get dibs for 2007. Barcelona are doing great i think they will go far in the champions league with the players they have and if they stay healthy the same goes for Real Madrid but next weekend in the El Classico i go Barcelona!! Arsenal and Man. United are making it an interesting race in the EPL i think once Arsenal are at full strength again they'll be dominate like they were when the season started and will be a problem for any team that they will face in the champions league my predictions for today's games Arsenal over Chelsea and Man. U over Liverpool.

on new Jimmy Eat World: i was a fucking FOOL to not listen to this record when i bought it, i listen to it now and i just love it! my favorite song on the record is Dizzy such a great song kind of epic in its own way it's a great song to end a great record. JEW was really good on Acoustic Christmas they played a song that i never thought they would play(disintegration) and it was pretty cool.

i'll soon be posting my top 10 albums of this year(albums that i bought) and honorable mentions(stuff that i heard that is good but i don't own).

i'm still writing, hoping to get better but that's something to be desired(and something i doubt but everyone critique's differently) i'll end it on this note i need to start working on the finals before i start stressing myself out.

Currently Playing: Dizzy - Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light
PS. Happy Holidays everyone!

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