Monday, December 24, 2007

My Favorite 9 Records of 2007

These Records are albums that i bought and enjoyed(yes i still buy my shit) Honorable mentions are Albums that i listened to but did not purchase(yet). this year i was broke a lot so i didn't get a chance to buy all of the albums that i wanted to buy so this is what i have that really impressed me for 2007 releases.

1. Thrice - The Alchemy Index Volumes 1 & 2: this element concept was something i didn't expect from these guys and i believe they made something great. Each Fire song is different from the other but carry a heavy sound to them and the water songs are nothing short of amazing. the water songs translate really well live as well as the fire songs, i just can't wait to hear parts 3 and 4(Air and Earth). Favorite Songs: The Messenger & The Whaler

2. The Receiving End of Sirens - The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi: a great concept album of man, everything sounds huge and there is so much that you can and cannot hear, each song is different from the other but compliments each other; you have your epic songs and your soft songs, it's a great album to listen to over and over for me it's a brilliant effort from The Receiving End of Sirens. Favorite Song: Heir Of Empty Breath

3. Hot Cross - Risk Revival: this is a brilliant record by Hot Cross(RIP) i would have loved to see this band perform some of these songs live,a great hardcore record it's fast, with good lyrics, i love the structure of the songs its a record that i'm glad i picked up. Favorite Song: Fatefully

4. The Bled - Silent Treatment: a really great record in my mind The Bled's new songs sound better likewise with the lyrics, it's heavy, the lyrics are perplexing. Favorite song: Asleep On The Front Lines

5. Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light: i was not a fool to listen to this album when i first bought it but when i eventually got around to it i really think it's one of the best records that they have made, each song have great hooks and the lyrics dig deep. Favorite Song: Dizzy

6. Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight: everysong on this record sounds like a Linkin Park song but it's not something that you expected to hear, it's a different Linkin Park record in that aspect, a lot of different things that you don't hear on the two previous LP records: soloing, Mike Shinoda doing more singing, more mellow songs. Another great release from LP. Favorite Song: In Pieces

7. Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home: i heard the live stuff Dustin did before the album and i liked what i heard and when i bought this it was the same reaction good folky/country songs to relax and listen too. Favorite Song: I Knew You Before

8. Circa Survive - On Letting Go: lots of growth from the first record, fluid songs and soaring vocals. a good band that i hope continues making good music. Favorite Song: In The Morning And Amazing

9. New Found Glory - From Your Screen To Your Stereo part II: for an album of cover songs they did a really good with the songs that they recorded with like "Love Fool", "Kiss Me", "Stay (i missed you)" and "Iris". Favorite Song Iris

Honorable Mentions(Artists newest releases): Radiohead, Serj Tankian, KT Tunstall, Funeral For a Friend, Blaqk Audio, Placebo, Coheed and Cambria, Talib Kweli, Minus The Bear, Cartel, Yellowcard, Against Me, Paramore,Bad Religion, Voxtrot, Kelly Clarkson, Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Tiger Army, Saves The Day, Armor For Sleep, The White Stripes, Interpol, Anberlin and a lot more great artists that i cannot think of...over all i thought 2007 was a decent year in music. looking forward to 2008 releases.

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