Wednesday, October 10, 2007

a weird feeling day today....

Death is an interesting thing in how it can shake, devastate, numb, change and shape a person, depending on the effect it takes on a individual

certain ways of deaths depending on the situation creates different feelings and moods.

shooting for instance makes you think just how crazy everyone is and how anyone is capable of . and how sad it is when you see shootings at schools where a lot of people are killed, hurt and scared for life. it gives you a bigger appreciation for life but it's something that is very real and will sometimes make you question people as a whole(well i know it did for me when columbine happened)

natural deaths though, somethings are excepted right away or over time since most of the time it's out of your hands and there is nothing to make that person's sickness better.

point of the blog i guess would be: when i woke up this morning i learned a uncle of mine died in Guatemala, he was a great man may his soul rest in peace.

when i checked out the dailybreeze this afternoon i learned of another school shooting in Ohio and was just disgusted that another shooting has happened at a school, the school is apparently right across the street from FBI offices. it's sad to know that kids can go into a school and kill other human beings and just get rid of the people who bothered them in whatever way that they did with just a click of a trigger.

my condolences to the people who were caught in the crossfire, or involved in any direct/indirect way. this shit needs to stop! people please take care of one another it's not right.

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