Sunday, October 14, 2007

small notes

still adjusting to change and trying to move forward but feel lost on what forward is, suddenly i feel more pressured now to figure out what i want to do and make something of the potential that friends and family some how see in myself, hopefully i can find whatever it is soon..

keeping me sane this past week: a couple of friends, the comedy of scrubs(oct. 25th i cannot wait for the 7th season, sadly the last) and a couple new things i've come across this week.

the new Thrice and The Bled records sound amazing i haven't stopped listening to those two this past week. i will be picking up the new thrice record when it comes out this tuesday the bled cd i got on a pre-order with a limited edition vinyl along with 2 freebies that was not expecting to get at all(Thank You Interpunk)

more later its 4:30 am and i'm wondering why i'm tired...

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