Monday, October 22, 2007

in this moment

so as i lie here in what has to be the most pain i've been in quite sometime despite what i did to be in such pain it a mystery to me at the moment.

like any person whose sinus's go haywire when the santa ana winds blow through these parts as well as seeing an orange sky or light when walking during the day know for a fact that the ashes from these fires are never a good thing for a person's health especially for me who has or has had a chronic bronchitis/respiratory infection that it takes a toll on one's body, but so far i've been okay it's just the back pain that is hurting me.

hopefully the fire situation will be resolved soon, and if president bush is watching or taking notice of this, actually do something to help up us out!!! don't give a speech only to tell us that we are on our own. you know what type of power you have to help states and countries help us out for once.

in other things: patience is a gift and is something that cannot be bought but learned over time. i say this for a certain situation that i just got to wait out for and see what happens in what i'm hoping will be for something good to happen.

i've been thinking about continuing to play music but on my own, possibly thinking about taking a singing class so i can relearn how to sing properly and possibly get better at singing and playing guitar at the same time and maybe playing a coffee house to do some covers and possible originals?(i don't have any or much at the moment).

i've also been writing a lot lately about the things in my head or just trying to make up stuff based on what i've read, learned, hear and some of it has been interesting but as a constant reminder not everything you jot down is not gold.

the new Thrice, The Bled and TREOS is all that i've been listening to lately a very good reason with the great new songs they put out on their new releases. now to see all three bands in their own headlining spot since i've seen 2 of the 3 already and about to see Thrice 3 times(making it a total of 7 times that i've seen them) and TREOS for the first time, I Can't WAIT!!!

new releases out soon: Serj Tankian, Coheed and Cambria, Armor For Sleep, Thursday...that's all i can think of at the moment my mind went blank, i guess that is it for now time to sleep and see if i can make it through tomorrow with this pain.

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