Thursday, October 4, 2007

new musings...

it's been awhile since i've last posted, things have turned chaotic in many ways but you just got to go through them and hopefully learn from them.

now that i'm in my second year of college i would have thought i would be more prepared of the onslaught that homework(sometimes or most of the time, depending on your views of it) it would be nice if i can do homework without stressing out and depriving myself of sleep just to get things done. sucks to be me

of late i've been writing a lot of poetry/lyrics(there one in the same, right?) and i have the urge all of a sudden to go to a open mic and just recite, in many ways i miss being on a stage i think it would be fun to do that again. so any friends of mine who reads this(if you even know i have this. haha) lets go to an open mic!

the retitled blog "what it is to burn" album and song title from the band Finch(reunite please) its a line that i love and it seems appropriate with blogging(or at least in my head it does).

October is the month of many great releases in music and some of those releases i've been waiting for more than a year for others just months. i'm already set to see Thrice 3 times in november trying to go for a 4th or a 5th(though that is doubtful) i cannot wait until their new album drops, i've never been disappointed with anything they've released and so far from what i've heard off this 2 disc set so far i won't be and that is very rare in music nowadays where a person can find a band or artist that they like, love or enjoy everysong that artist puts out and Thrice is that band for me and they're just one of a handful of bands that do that for me.

For sure this album is going to be one of my favorite 5 releases this year, they might have the one spot already without me hearing it.

Thrice's The Alchemy Index (Volume I and II) hits stores October 16th

Fire Track Listing
01) Firebreather
02) The Messenger
03) Backdraft
04) The Arsonist
05) Burn the Fleet
06) The Flame Deluge

Water Track Listing
07) Digital Sea
08) Open Water
09) Lost Continent
10) Night Diving
11) The Whaler
12) Kings Upon the Main

I think the concept of this record is pretty amazing i cannot wait for the other half to be released (Earth & Air). New Music for my ears puts a smile on my face, it would be cool if they were to release this on vinyl as well.

Currently Listening:
The Receiving End of Sirens - The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi (another great release of this year)
Story of the Year - Page Avenue (it's a great feeling when you revisit albums and hear them again)
Sparta - Threes
KT Tunstall - Eye To the Telescope

Currently watching:
MLB playoffs (GO ANGELS!)
Champions League Futbol

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