Monday, October 29, 2007


the big talk before the storm, dance around the surroundings before you dive into your battles, preparation is the only education you can get when you face daunting tasks, be smart, have heart and know the parts that you and others might be in while facing this task.

like anyone we all have our personal demons that come out in bad or good times in our lives, how we face them varies from person to person and like anyone we all have our own strengths and weakness's i have yet to meet a person who is superior and immune from their own demons proving that we all are mortal and human.

with that said what has been in front of me lately and the way i used to get rid of the demons i can't do it in the same way as the past anymore and it's a struggle that i can't get rid of quickly as i would like to since there is a lot more going on with school among other things going on...

more later as it develops...

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