Sunday, October 28, 2007

a sighing sigh..

as the days have been going by the more and more lost and confused i feel about a lot of things that i'm doing or what i should/could be doing with myself. i've delt with something like this before but not at this extreme or level. i feel somewhat of an outcast now since the events that happened last month that shook my life in a way. i can't seem to focus past them and bury them i still get mixed emotions thinking about them i guess they still bother me.... i just wish i had answers and clarity at the moment but i don't have that...

slowly i'm getting back to being productive while my back spasms are getting better.

Finch is back together, as i wished for a couple blogs back i still can't believe that they reformed i hope to see them again and look forward to whatever new they make.

this weekend starts a great weekend because i'm seeing THRICE & BRAND NEW all 3 days at the wiltern. i'm soo Happy for this, i can't wait to see both bands in concert again ti's going to be a great time.

lately i've been getting stuck when i've been writing and not being to finish ideas is kind of frustrating cause it feels like i'm holding back from what is really on my mind or what point i want to make or come across too. the beginnings of writers block i guess?

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