Tuesday, July 24, 2007

my week so far

Sunday: Left hand gets smashed by a car door.
Monday: lazy day, remembered that there will be NO AROUND THE HORN for 10 days, no sports debating programs for 10 days dam you ESPN.

Tuesday: start of my only summer class, i hate waking up early, had to buy a 80 dollar book and later learned that i was was - with my bank account now i'm down to 15 bucks for the time being. watching my team FC Dallas get a game stolen from them by a clear Handball as they tied 1-1 to the franchise i hate in all of Futbol but the boys put in a great effort which makes me smile, Galaxy winning 2-1 over Pachuca.

Wednesday: school then practice which should be interesting seeing how hot the practice space will be with or without fans still a muggy room, need to get financial aid done so i can just pick my classes and what not.

Things to look forward to: FUTBOL!!!!! food, OZZies house on the weekend for some Guitar Hero and whatever comes my way!

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