Thursday, June 11, 2009

year of reunions?

2009 has really been the year of reunions with bands like: Blink 182, No Knife, Matchbook Romance and other groups/artists that i can't think of at the moment reuniting. with so many reunions happening as a fan you can only hope that those certain bands that hold a special place in your heart will get together. there have been a couple bands that i've taken off my wishlist and have seen(No Knife & Finch), and when you read into rumors of bands that have broken up on bad terms about possibly getting back together the inner fan inside of you gets excited at the thought of said reunion happening. i write this because 2009 has been a great year so far with bands reuniting that one can only anticipate more happening in the near future and if rumors are true then a lot of people who are fans of At The Drive-In would welcome them playing some shows once again.

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