Monday, March 16, 2009

why i don't eat pancakes as much anymore..

ten years ago my great grandma passed away and it was the first time that i've delt with death in a time where i was barely starting to notice that the world isn't so perfect as a 5th grader.

but back to the title of this post: i never saw my great grandma much but when i did she was the sweetest person to me and my sister and no matter what time of day whenever we came over to her house she'd always make us pancakes. it was one of the first things she would ask us when we got to her house and she would make us sit the kitchen table and ask how many pancakes we wanted as she would bring out the tub of butter and the spatula that she would use. i watched her make the pancakes once while waiting for them and noticed that she would use big chunks of butter on the pancakes as she would make them. Her pancakes were really salty but really delicious because after you put them by your lips you started to lick your lips and want to eat them too haha. no pancake has yet to come close to how she made them and i doubt i'll taste anything similar to hers ever again which is why i stopped eating pancakes because i find them dull and lack luster.

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