Friday, March 6, 2009

No Knife & Jimmy Eat World

On March 5th i went to my first concert alone, in all my concert experiences i always had a friend but none of my friends had interest to go or were broke when tickets went on sale. In all i'm glad i bought the tickets instead of holding back because i didn't know anyone else who was going. this was one of the most memorable concerts that i've ever been too.

No Knife: i never thought i would get a chance to see them, since they were those batch of bands that i've gotten into after they broken up. No Knife sounded just like i imagined if not better they didn't sound like a band that has been gone for a couple of years.

Set List(of the songs i remembered, i couldn't find a setlist of what they played)
Minus One(?)
Permanet For Now
Academy Flight Song
The Spy
The Red Bedroom

Jimmy Eat World: i got into JEW when Bleed American came out and seen them about 3 times prior and they would play a couple of songs off of Clarity, it wasn't until i bought Clarity that i learned how great of an album it really is. It was really cool to see a band play a whole album in its exactly as it sounds they pulled it off perfectly that satisfied fans throughout the 10 day tour.

1. Table For Glasses
2. Lucky Denver Mint
3. Your New Aesthetic
4. Believe In What You Want
5. A Sunday
6. Crush
7. 12.23.95
8. Ten
9. Just Watch The Fireworks
10. For Me This Is Heaven
11. Blister
12. Clarity
13. Goodbye Sky Harbor

1. What I Would Say To You Now
2. No Sensitivity
3. 23
4. Work
5. Pain
6. The Middle
7. Sweetness

this post should have been done months ago but i lagged

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