Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Love Wiretap Scars

at the moment these songs say everything to me..

Sparta - Mye

I'll qualify this circumstance,
broadcast, renew this chance.
Pin hope on this promise.
Graduate to this settled score.
projects through mansion doors.
Stand up, dust yourself off.
It's troubled now by swelling tide,
bleached hope and sandstone lies.
You're dazed in the moment.

This time I'll get it right.
You can't defend it, it's predetermined.

You know I'll sit at the bottom space,
trace lines in the vacant space.
It's all about to change.
Small flat in a smaller town,
steal hope to pass around.
You're caught up in the memory.

These shores aren't out of reach.

Sparta - Cataract

Locked up in the distance
in the falter above us
as the contrails pass you spoke your mind
old photos distort you
and you're frowning a smile
as the misery makes us blind
stand down, fall apart and the trouble starts
yeah the trouble starts over again
in the scenes of this casting
where a tragedy follows
as the contrails pass this vacant sky

Disappear, Orlean
away from tarnished golden arsenals
you're laying down again
disappear, Orlean
because your swansong fell on fallen heads
you're laying down again
time goes nowhere

Sparta - Assemble The Empire

Don't make this fake
last second of life
faux obsolete
assemble the empire

Following fell on hard times
this one won't count
we won't count it at all
slow down
these factions cast a failure of crowns
benevolence forces itself
fallen from state
into the hands of the law
slow down
these factions cast a failure of crowns

Slow down

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