Sunday, November 9, 2008


it's hard to explain it, but one can't help be in awe over something that just happened and not truly know the magnitude of it's effect because it is bigger than himself. i don't know if i'll ever want to know i know at least not in this moment but maybe further down the line when it's no longer fresh to me and can look at it from a different perspective and mindset. there are so many rights and so many wrongs i don't really know if i'm on the right side of history here, although i would like to be but again this is much bigger than me. it's something that i wouldn't know where to start or how to finish during these trying times of ones choice, preference, views, morals and values. you just have to try to make a choice because you have to give a shit because if you don't someone will and that might sit well with you because their choice could be wrong in your eyes, do what you have to and take up the responsibilities bestowed upon you. this is not a call out to arms because they've been called out in great numbers already but now it's time to see that you have to be proactive in what you believe in and fight for it.

i wonder what's next...

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