Sunday, September 21, 2008

when & where is the No Knife reunion show!? & where the hell is that TREOS DVD?!!

it's always sad when an artist that you like breaks up out of nowhere and you miss them and pray to the gods that they do some type of reunion tour.

i've mentioned a couple of bands that i: liked for a long time, learned of but were already broken up, bands that you recently got into but then broke up before you had a chance to see them or bands with dead band members and called it quits right after.

as a fan i hate to see it but as a person who was in a couple of bands i can understand the artists point of view to why break ups or shake ups in bands happen. i write this because M.I.A.'s departure from music caught my attention since she stopped at a high point in her career and i can think of countless of other acts who have done the same

another thing that i've been meaning to write about is the word "Hiatus" which has become another word for break up and has been used a lot lately when bands/artists actually break up but is used to give people a slight hope that one day they'll reform to tour or make more records. i appreciate the word for what it is because break up sounds so final but it's being used so much that it plays with my emotions(and i'd assume emotions of other fans alike) that you dread it when you see or hear the headline of a favorite artist of yours is no longer

with that said, i want to know which artists or bands would you want to see if they were to tour again?


Anonymous said...

January 23 and March 5-7th

starinyourfire said...

thanks, hopefully i can get tickets for the show now. haha