Monday, August 11, 2008

a possible change of the old guard?

me and my uncle are chatting online and he wrote a new post about the NBA which recently seen a couple players recently either skip college to play in europe or left the NBA to play in Europe. Now this past NBA season or maybe years prior the comissioner or the league has stated a desire to possible create teams or a league in europe as apart of expansion and so they can have a larger footprint on the world.

Recently i learned that some of the of my favorite european futbol clubs also have basketball teams, now just about all of european futbol leagues do not have a salary cap like the MLS and the NBA! now why do i mention the NBA when i'm talking about european futbol?
Well with the recent offers from european clubs for NBA talent, recently Olympiakos said they would offer Lebron James a 50 Million contract in 2010 and Kobe Bryant recently saying that he wouldn't mind playing in europe somewhere, Milan to be exact. Europe is stepping up and offering money to the talent that it wants and this could very much pose a problem to the NBA if your greatest stars flee to europe for that big pay check to play abroad.

It is understandable why there is a salary cap in the NBA: to give every team a fair/equal chance of competing(same goes for MLS but that story will be for another day because there is a different set of circumstances). The Los Angeles Lakers are a gem franchise in the league but can't get any high priced players because they are over the salary cap and are paying a luxury tax which stops them from getting the best players out there to help the them get better.

I can only imagine if european clubs start to become like their futbol counterparts, the NBA could be in a tug of war between superstars for where they start or end their careers. In Futbol clubs are persistant to get any player that they want and will throw huge amounts of money to out bid other clubs. Before you just had another club in the NBA bidding for the services of a player but now you not only have your league but leagues throughout europe lining up to make bids as well. The next couple of years should be interesting for the NBA if they do decide to invade europe and create their own league or stand by not knowing what to do because they don't know how the region works.

One thing i wouldn't mind seeing is a Club Championship tournament showcasing the best teams of that year from each league and having them play against one another for a trophy and be rightfully called World Champions.

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