Sunday, August 17, 2008

futbol, futbol and more futbol

yesterday the new season of the English Premier League started, it makes me all giddy inside because of the league's pace and the on going headlines of the "big four". although it does pretty repetitive all season i don't get annoyed with the rumors of what player acquisitions will happen next with teams in europe like i do with baseball, football, and basketball. mostly because players go from league to league and because teams usually have 3 or 4 chances of winning trophies a season. so now teams try to give it their all to add more hardware to their own trophy case's, although league is very important in two instances: Regulation and European fame game. Regulation because there isn't just one tier of futbol in each country and European Fame because the better you are you bring in more money as a club but better television deals are soon to follow(in europe though not in the states, last i checked no team in America has their own tv channel). At the end of this month leagues in Spain and Italy will start then in mid september Champions League starts which i await like a fat kid loves cake because it's each it's league's finest teams in one competition.

cheers to euro futbol!!

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