Saturday, January 19, 2008


vacation has been good about another week or so until school starts again despite me not having planned all my classes yet i should be ready. winter break has been good very relaxing, saw a couple of friends and movies just having a good time nothing else i can ask for really. =)

2008 so far has been a good year i can't really complain a 3 weeks in, but at the same time just knowing that '08 is here just makes me feel old and that time is going by really really fast because it just feels like yesterday i left the comfort of high school and public education as where now i'm now paying everything for my education and now as a person have the pressure of having to make decisions on what i'm going to do with myself... although i'm 19 going on 20 which is young or at least i'm told is anyway, the uncertainty of it all kills me since i'm still undecided on what to do with myself although time is on my side in many ways its also against me... such as life.

my thoughts on the following:

Carlos Ruiz back with the Los Angeles Galaxy: i was pissed off when they traded him and very much torn on if he should have come back with the Galaxy but at the same time i'm happy in a way because LA needs players to improve itself and they only seem to win Championships with Guatemalans and the fact that Ruiz is one of my favorite players is apart of the reason that i started to pay attention to Futbol, so yay to me for the fact that i'll get the chance to see him play home games at the home depot center this upcoming season and however long he is in the league... some of the questions that i have is that can Ruiz pair up with Landon Donovan and exactly what type of service will he get from the midfield and what formation will this team be in? at least now i can my Galaxy Jersey with Ruiz on the back or else it would have been an FC Dallas one with his name. this season should be interesting.

Eddie Johnson and Brad Guzan possibly going to Fulham: I believe Fulham needs any type of help they can get at the moment to stay away from Relegation in the Preimership, it sucks when hit with injuries and not being able to score as well as going through a coach change(i believe that happened i'll double check later) it would be nice if both of these players got noticed by the bigger clubs in the EPL that are playing well but i guess that is there loss to find out and see how well they fair. If Celtic Sign Guzan that would be a great pick up and would put them at ease in the Goal keeping position because they already have a great Goal Keeper as it is, but now here is the question EPL or SPL Guzan? As for Eddie Johnson if he can adjust quicky and fight for a starting spot right away and score i think the better Fulham's chances are of surviving relegation but that is subject to how the whole team performs and what Fulham and other teams in the EPL do in the Transfer window(or what is left of it) from now to the end of January.

Los Angeles Lakers: first and foremost proud that they're playing so well and are on top of the division, the injury to Bynum is a big loss, did Kwame deserved to get booed? some people will say yes but i wouldn't go that far to boo him like everyone did at the suns vs lakers game, ya he did bad i won't disagree with that but he's what we have on the team at the moment and he's coming back from an injury and to be thrown in to the front ranks like Kwame is at the moment is really hard for anyone. any help the lakers can get at the center position is great but the fact of the matter is that with or without this new addition the lakers team as a whole will stand up for their team mate and will think their fans should too and in this case i do.

Presidential Race: i'm excited because it's the first one i'll be able to vote for, although i have yet to read into the candidates for myself to make a real conscious decision(which i would hope people do and not go by a face!) but i really urge anyone who reads this to go out and vote! if your not registered get your ass to register so you can make your voice heard to who you want in office, this election year has much stronger and better candidates than the last election did. and for everyone who hates Bush in office now is your chance to pick the right one and hopefully the one you pick is the one who wins but this is a time for change that we as a country really need so make it count.

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