Tuesday, January 8, 2008

a look into how i write...

everybody has a heavy heart and it varies by emotion to see what makes them show it. but every person has a weighted heart and by blood and emotion we're all the same because we all have hearts.

i've been writing for almost 8 years now and i noticed the progression in my writing in the 8 years but also in how the good things that i've written have more heart and are not as thought out like everything else is which i guess would be right since its thought out on the whim of inspiration with no second guesses. i always try to take on concepts or just write whatever i can conjure up without trying to repeat myself and being able to write with how i feel as well as having the freedom to do whatever want without any limitations and still being me.

i try to write in any poem form that i can but the majority of my work comes out in lyric form. I try not to put my style of writing in a hole by writing in lyric form i try other formats of poetry but find it harder to do because the majority of the time what is meant to be simple winds up complicated because of what i'm trying to do if that makes any sense, but i do try other styles outside the lyric style that i'm known for.

Do some of the things i write are meant to be songs? majority of them could be songs if i want them too but there all in my head, some of them are just skeletons that just go with another song in my head. i have yet to try to compose music and lyrics with the stuff that i write since i have yet to figure out what it would take to bring those songs to life but i have every intention of trying cause it never hurts to try.

i've always wanted to try to make a book of what i write but the problem with that is that i'll write stuff, like it one moment maybe show it to a couple of friends then bash the next moment and hide it, so if a book were to ever happen i probably shouldn't be in the selecting process. haha although i have a lot of material that might have to be revised hm...

why am i writing this? boredom really but i really do enjoy writing and would like to anyone who enjoys poetry to read my stuff and maybe it will touch them or have they'll relate to it on their end however they interpret it. i like art and this is some of my art through words. i find it meaningful and inspiring it's always been a great outlet for me i love it.

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