Tuesday, January 29, 2008

longer break!

i've been on quite on a roll blogging lately usually it's not a lot in such a short time but i am so...woohooo

i start school next week on the 5th and i probably picked my toughest yet:

16 Units:

Math 123C
Anthropology 102
Sociology 21
Political Science 1 (what a great time to be taking it now...should be interesting)
Pyschology 2

so now i got to buckle down like Charlie Brown

so the other day i got a surprise visit from a edgardo who i haven't seen in months since the band incident, we were at my house for a little bit then we went back to the neighborhood of all those old memories and it felt very nostalgic being there for a little bit, but after wards we got food and talked about what happened and pretty much got caught with what everyone was doing and in the process i got some answers that i was looking for and now i feel i can reconcile with 2 people and have things just be normal again cause it sucks being in one moment then in the next totally disconnected from everybody that you knew all because of one moment. but at the same time i am better off because if i tried to force it then all the animosity that i had would have been waiting to pounce and look for a fight. i'm not one to split people up or anything because those situations suck when you have to choose between two people. the way things were handled could have been a lot better but since they fucked up in a huge way, i have every right to feel the way i do and now i'm in a position to choose those friendships fate and finally get back to where i was back in august before all that shit happened.

in other news i added some more links and quotes to the page, hints of humor here and there.

until next time enjoy...

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