Saturday, January 26, 2008

explanation of thoughts

with the recent passing that has shocked our whole society or culture, i believe that every person in their lifetime will feel apart of a death in our entertainment culture or a death in a community, city, state, or nation. some of it will be bigger than them or to their understanding but it touches a chord within themselves some how some way. there are some things that you can't replace after a death like legendary sport announcers that follows a team or things along those lines for example: Chick Hearn he's been gone for quite sometime now, but i still have a hard time watching a Laker game without him after all these years, i can only imagine how hard it would be to watch a Dodger game whenever Vince Scully passes on(although i don't look forward to that day). but i guess the point i want to make here is that for us(society or culture) looking in and taking part/being a part/feeling a part something sentimental to us and sort of historic(since we are a culture that chronicles history: Life, our pasts, roots, etc etc)

whatever hobbies we have that we personally follow that are sentimental to us, if something bad ever happens we take heart to it, but at the same time one day as a culture or society( i can't think of another way to phrase it, please bare with me. haha) years in the future we were the ones who witnessed history in the making if certain things we see or follow happen to have such effect to how things were shaped in said future.

in my previous post i made a poem about the late Heath Ledger who shockingly passed away recently(if you haven't heard of this by now you must really be buried under a rock or in a coma) i don't do that often, i don't write about every event that happens in our pop culture because all of it i'm not fond of, but i did it in this instance because i was an admirer of Heath's work and the different roles that he took on as an actor. He's one of the many actors that i have a lot of respect for, and it's pretty sad to see a huge talent gone and i have a really big gut feeling that his performance as the joker will be a really good one.

it was on my mind while i was working on something else and it just it slowly came out although i had a hard time finishing it, i don't think i could have added anything to make it better if anything i think i would have made it worse, i wrote it out of respect and this is my tribute to him.

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