Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey day

a happy day to you and yours whoever you are who reads this.

the New Found Glory & Senses Fail concert was an awesome time, i got to see the receiving end of sirens who were really good except for the fact that they bashed LA as a city. it was my first show at the Glasshouse and the venue is really nice and deafening as my ears are still ringing. shows get more interesting when you have to protect someone as well as holding vinyl at the same time and making sure that both are not hurt in the process(mission sucessful)
while people are trying to start mosh pits left and right of you. haha regardless i had a blast with my two favorite peeps they know who they are ;)

so it's getting close to the end of the year and as i've said for the past 3 years i'm still in disbelief of where i'm at and how fast time flies and as scared as i am about the future i await 2008 with anticipation hoping that it is better than this year or whatever comes my way.

that's it for now...

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