Monday, November 19, 2007


starting to feel like my old self again and it feels pretty dam good...

i picked up the guitar the other day and it felt nice playing again and reminded me of how much i missed playing and performing, so i've been relearning songs that i used to know but couldn't remember and trying to squeeze in some new songs that i like as well as trying to write my own and try to remember those ideas. haha but it feels nice playing period it makes me happy.

of late i've been writing more than i have in quite some time, i'm writing whatever my head pleases to let out and getting personal things out of my head(or at least trying, nice source though) i've been trying to break the pattern of what i would normally write about and try multi part things, things with certain line structures and patterns with a poem inside poems. it's cool to have fun with my writing.

Tomorrow i see "The Receiving End of Sirens"! i've always wanted to see them and tomorrow is my chance when i see them open up for senses fail and new found glory should be a good show, it's also my first time going to the Glasshouse i've never been there before and so many of my favorite artists have played there it should be fun!

i've been obsessing over two tv shows of late: Scrubs and Chuck. Scrubs has been a favorite of mine for awhile but Chuck is a new show that i really like and i'm hoping it gets picked up for a full season for many seasons to come the last couple of episodes have been exciting to watch with some unexpected twists the same can be said for scrubs this season feels different but it's one of the most funniest seasons in the shows history.

turkey day is coming up sadly/shockingly it's my least favorite holiday because of what happens to me year after year on this day it gets old quick. other than that if those things wouldn't happen i'd be okay and love it much more than what i already do at the moment. (ask if you want to know why) it's always good to see the family together good times. oh ya GO COWBOYS!!

my sister just got guitar hero 3 and a ps 2 so now since i don't go out much as it is at the moment for those who hope to see me those chances just got slimmer and will continue to get slimmer because i will eventually buy the Mega Man X Collection and continue to play that non stop making me a complete hermit finally.

there are many things that need to be addressed some sooner than others but eventually i hope i'll know the answers

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