Thursday, February 10, 2011

oh shit its almost march...

first. where the fuck did January go? and why is February passing through even faster?
school has started again and seeing another set of young graduates is becoming more and more depressing since i left high school haha this feeling lasts for a week or so...i should be fine.

slowly i've been getting into more bands from the 90's and a lot of my friends don't know who they are so i just don't bring it up in conversation. there is something about discovering older bands that is awesome but at the same time for me i start to question myself to why i didn't learn of this band earlier especially if this certain band or artist has stopped making music. the two bands that i've been listening to a lot lately are Jawbreaker and Jets To Brazil, both bands were fronted by the same lyrical genius that is: Blake Schwarzenbach, so i'll end this post with a Jets to Brazil song from their last album Perfecting Loneliness which happens to be the title track enjoy.

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