Monday, October 25, 2010

thrill of a chase

fantasy sports are an interesting thing for those who take it seriously like i do, where one can flex "managerial" skills in choosing players to do their bidding for their teams. there is pride(or/and money) to be won against strangers or friends and it will never be a cake walk it will put you through a ringer of sorts.

this season has been daunting managing 3 football leagues, 1 MLS league, and 1 nba league that will start in a week or so. i take football seriously because its been my bread and butter, basketball i won't take seriously until football is over because its a long season and soccer was too unpredictable in telling who would score week to week during a world cup year.

i knew this year in football was going to be unpredictable, thus causing many nights over thinking line ups week in and week out and mulling over trades trying to make your team better and somehow making your opponents weaker in the process(if you can be that opportunistic) so i find it somewhat funny that some of my opponents are struggling after i was in awe of the teams that they drafted, sure i have ally's that i openly root for and frenemies that i don't want to see win at all but me thinking things were going to be unpredictable its been just that while some squirm and fret over their teams.

the message to all of this being, be posed and don't second guess things because nothing is guaranteed.

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