Thursday, February 25, 2010

MLS and a possible strike

the last thing American Soccer needs is a lock out which seems like a very high possibility at this point, although the NBA, NFL and MLB will also being going into CBA negotiations if there was a work stoppage in those 3 sports it wouldn't kill off their followings as it would for MLS if they were to go into a lock out/strike. its obvious that the vast majority of Americans don't watch soccer for one reason or another, but there are people who do watch MLS and care about the league as it slowly grows bigger and bigger hoping to turn into a world power like leagues in Europe. MLS serves as a launching pad for many American players who hope to join European teams as well as developing talent for the US national team and all of that is in jeparody at the moment all because players can't rights that players in other leagues around the world currently have. what the players are asking for is the right thing as the league grows and expands, players shouldn't haven't to sign to the league first before signing to a club and should have a right to free agency.

The trickle effect that all this can have(among other things) at the moment is hurting the USA national team during a World Cup year when its months away and not properly seeing which players should be in the squad that goes to South Africa, seeing how that after next week Clubs don't have to release their players for friendlies if those scheduled dates don't fall on a FIFA date where clubs would have to do so(and there are no FIFA after week until the World Cup). MLS is going into its 15th season the Galaxy has always been my team to root for, i love watching games at the Home Depot Center in Carson its a great intimate venue. i've seen my team win the US Open Cup and make two playoff runs to the MLS cup(at the HDC) as well as see them at the Rose Bowl the year they won their first championship. ultimately what i'm trying to say is that i don't want to see a strike or a lock out as it would stall progress of the league getting bigger and me seeing my team play on that field getting back to winning ways like they should =D

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