Wednesday, January 20, 2010

its been 4 years already?

as far as i know of all the people that i know, i'm the only one who does fantasy futbol: MLS, EPL, Champions League and the list goes on. i noticed they have a prediction thing for the World Cup and i made my 5 predictions and it took me awhile to fill them out and even as i type this i'll probably tinker with them in the near future as more international fixtures come into play and see how teams are faring. It was then that i realized that the World Cup is just 5 months away and that we're about to start another world cup cycle after 2010 South Africa. It will be interesting which countries bids will get picked to host future world cup tournaments. with that said i can't wait for june to see what teams make it out of the group stages and which matches come up from the group winners. Viva Futbol!

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