Sunday, March 1, 2009

hey march

so i haven't been able to log in this blog lately because my laptop sorta took a crap and hoping that it will fix itself and that has not, eventually it will be fixed but for the time being i'll be limited with what access that i have.

all this week i've watched Conan O'brien since it was his last week as the Late Night host, i'm excited that he'll be in LA in the coming months so i could possibly attend his shows for many years to come.

in two days i'll be 21 and i'm not really excited about it due to all the bad things/short comings/daily frustrations and stresses that have happened to me recently and through out this short year. so my mind is elsewhere these days as i try to get it together so i can have some type of sanity, various friends/family members know bits and pieces of what has been going on, of the most recent stuff i don't know how to bring it up to people because its just frustrating on my end as much as i would like to mention so people know the current situation but to the people i've told i really feel weird about it because its not a common topic that people talk about among friends and what not as well as it being dishearting(well for me anyway). so for the most part i've been having a hard time staying positive about things lately since things have been shitty on my end.

with that said march aside from being the month that i was born and like a really big birthday month with people that i know, its a month that has a couple of days that i don't like remembering but hopefully things will turn around so i can at least enjoy some of it for my sanity.

that's all for now...

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Jaena Rae said...

Yo Jason-

I'm sorry that you're feeling so bummed on your birthday week. Happy early birthday, by the way!

If you ever need to vent, feel free to shoot me a ridiculously long and rambling e-mail or blog comment or whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Again, happy birthday, and try to enjoy it! You only turn 21 once, and after that all the drinking is kind of boring anyway.

starinyourfire said...

i'll take you up on that but i don't know if it'll happen this week. haha

Jaena Rae said...

Haha. Whenever you like. I have more free time than I'd like to admit. Happy birthday again!