Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a moment of your time if you will

i've been writing for almost 9 years now and i've always wanted to make or release a book of my stuff, for some reason now just seems like the time to do it but i have a lot of stuff to look over and would like to ask some friends for some help if they don't mind, i would like whoever volunteers to help me pick out my material for this said book. i have a couple of books with stuff so i would send those books out for you to read and you could tell me what i could possibly use since i AM my own worst critic since i tend to bash my things after for liking them for a week or two. haha i'm that bad of a critc of my stuff but yet for other people i'm not that harsh.

so any friends with the time that wants to help send me, reply to this, email me, im, text or call and we'll talk and start this process hopefully i can get it sorted out then figure out on how to make it an actual book within this year or so.

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