Wednesday, November 19, 2008

what the happy happs?

so i'm really surprised that i'm not sick from the fires, cause that usually happens after a fire or santa ana winds or random ass weather changes. this could be the sign that i was looking for since i tend to get to sick a lot as history shows.

i miss concerts, so many good ones have past and a couple of good ones coming up in the near future. what i hate are some of their prices but what might be thee biggest annoyance are service charges because their isn't a lot of places to buy tickets now so your kind of forced to buy them online and have to abide by the online service charges and how ever much they are.

this semester has gone by fast and i don't know if i have a legitimate handle on it, not really sure whether to panic or stay calm but i'll go with calm and plug away and hope for the best.

so there is a way to how number one songs are made, not that i'm trying to make those type of songs but i'm sorta getting in a groove...i like it.

European futbol is in full swing and i like it a lot, MLS just about to end lets go CREW!! i go for the Crew of Columbus because i don't like the red bulls of New York and it will be cool to see Sigi Schmid(former galaxy coach and my favorite one in franchise history) to get another championship he deserves it after being fired by the galaxy when he was doing everything right. on the american side of football fantasy team is good looks like i'll be in the playoffs as for my cowboys...need to get their shit together and start winning and that sums my feelings on them without going on a rant.

friends who do covers are awesome and have more courage than i do to actually do them, fact.

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