Wednesday, September 3, 2008

random mumblings

so in 6 months from today i'll be 21, i don't really know what to think of it except that time is flying really fast.

i started school this week and i feel like i can redeem myself from the subpar semesters i've had recently, but at the same time i feel i shouldn't get comfortable and careless if it seems easy since that'll probably be my downfall...time will tell i guess.

it was weird seeing Carson High on espn 2 for their football season opener, it should be a interesting season after a close loss. i do feel proud that my old school is making noise for themselves in the national ranks after all these years, hopefully they can build on something for years to come.

i've been seeing a lot of old faces that i haven't seen in awhile, it's been cool but i can't help noticed the feeling of being so distant from one another. i forget that time does this to friendships and that growing apart naturally happens with some friendships but it's up to the person(s) to try to keep it up.

i noticed this week that i haven't bought any new music since the last Thrice album has come out, which bothers me because there is a crap load of releases this year i've been wanting to pick up but no funds to pick them up with, the same goes with comics although i don't know where to go to get any of the ones i've had my eyes on(although one would think that would end soon with the internet and all. haha)

i'ts running late i got class in the morning, i'm up watching conan o'brien at the moment that's all for now.

oh PS: people who steal bicycles are douchebags! good nite

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