Saturday, July 5, 2008

something i thought i'd share

my cousin who i went to see graduate from Georgetown just started up a blog while she is volunteering in Cambodia doing human rights work, she's doing work that she really cares about and i couldn't be more proud of her since i don't think i could do what she is doing at this time.

below is some information on what she is doing:

"I have been placed with an organization in Cambodia through the fellowship program called the One World Foundation. Here is the organization if you want to know who is sending me.

The place I will be working at exactly is called Sovann Komar and it is an orphanage in Cambodia. Here is the website of the organization they have a great movie about their organization. It made me cry when i first saw it. I just want to warn you before you watch it that it is a little serious in nature. It is PG13 but very historically based. This is a documentary style film about the organization so everything represented in it is factual. "

check it out if you have time.

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